What Sexual Position Do Women Prefer?

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If you’re looking to spice up your sexual pleasure, try some new positions. These expert-approved moves can increase pleasure for both men and women.

In a recent study, both men and women voted reverse cowgirl, doggy style, and missionary their favorite sexual positions. But they also ranked table-top and kneeling wheelbarrow high on their lists of things to try.


This classic sex position is a favorite for women because it opens up the vulva and allows for clitoral stimulation. It’s also ideal for those who want to slow down penetration and focus on intimacy. The person being penetrated can also control the pace of thrusting by adjusting their leg and foot positioning. The top partner can also add a vibrator for additional pleasure and to increase the intensity.

Often called cowgirl, girl on top, or rider, this sex position is comfortable for all gender identities. It’s also a good position for beginners who are new to sexual positions, as it is easy to master. The bottom partner can support the person on top by placing their hands over their knees or thighs to make it more stable.

However, this position can be dangerous for those with a long penis. The penis can slip out of the scrotum and push against the pelvis or buttocks, causing possible injury. To avoid this, the person on top can help the bottom partner by pulling them up into a squat or lifting their hips and torso.

Regardless of the position, it’s important to communicate with your partner before trying a new sex position. This can help reduce anxiety, which may hinder orgasms. Also, be sure to check in with your partner frequently so you can adjust the position if needed.

Doggy style

Doggy style is another position that many women enjoy, and it can also be one of the most intense positions for both partners. In this position, the receiving partner gets on their hands and knees while the penetrating partner kneels behind them and inserts a penis or other sex toy into the vagina or anus.

This position can be especially intense for the person giving penetration because it provides direct stimulation to their clitoris and multiple other erogenous zones. However, some people find it impersonal because it eliminates eye contact. To fix that, a sexologist recommends positioning a mirror nearby so the partners can see each other face to face and engage in playful banter before they get down to business.

A variation on doggy is standing doggy, which can be more comfortable for both parties. This position works best if the receiver stands close to the penetrating partner so they can hold on to them and keep the intimacy going. Then, the receiver can swing her body back and forth for a more pleasurable angle and deeper sensations.

Some sexologists also suggest using the doggy position with a vibrator to boost the experience for both partners. The vibration can stimulate the clitoris and create more intense sensations that lead to a longer lasting orgasm. Just make sure to use the right amount of pressure and avoid overdoing it or you could risk irritating the clitor.


The traditional penis-in-vagina, man-on-top missionary position isn’t the best for climax. But a little tweaking can turn it into a pleasure machine. For instance, if your woman likes deep penetration, try adding a missionary squeeze. This involves lying on her back with her legs crossed, straddling the penetrator’s pelvis and guiding his penis into her vagina. It targets the G-spot (the area felt through the front of the penis) and can give her a taste of sexy.

Another option is the Lotus position, which works well for women who love eye contact during sex. In this position, the woman lies face down on her bed or sofa with her legs crossed, while her partner sits with his legs together and their faces touching. This gives them both the opportunity to caress and kiss each other, which can increase sexual satisfaction.

If you’re ready to give these positions a try, be sure to start with plenty of lubrication. A sexpert recommends using a warm shower or bath before sex to ensure your skin is slippery. You can also use a sex toy or vibrator for extra stimulation. And remember, it’s all about what turns you on, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different positions until you find the ones that feel best. Good luck and have fun!


Adding table sex to your bedroom routine can be an exciting and sensual way to spice things up. However, it’s important to keep safety in mind. Ensure that your table is sturdy enough to support both partners and that it has no sharp corners or edges. You can also incorporate a penetrative vibrator like the Hott Love Three-Inch Color Love 10-Function Rechargeable Waterproof Bullet Vibrator to increase the intensity of the experience.

The Tabletop position is a great choice for beginners or those looking for clitoral stimulation. It involves the receiving partner sitting on a table and resting their butt against it. Their penetrating partner then stands in front of them and begins to penetrate. The receiving partner can also rest their feet or legs on the penetrating partner’s shoulders to add even more sensations.

According to the DrEd study, most men and women surveyed prefer the doggy style, missionary, and tabletop positions. The least popular position was spooning, with only 19 percent of respondents interested in trying it. The study also revealed some interesting results by country. Respondents from the U.K. and Europe ranked tabletop sex as their top pick, while the Poles were most curious about 69 standing up.

Regardless of which sex position you choose, incorporating new sexual experiences into your relationship can lead to greater intimacy and sensuality. Just remember to use plenty of lube and to communicate with your partner about any preferences or concerns.

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