Sex Positions to Last Longer

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Whether you’re looking to extend your sex drive or simply increase the intensity, there are many sex positions that can help. Here are a few to try:

This position is sweet and intimate while allowing for deep penetration. It also restricts thrusting, which can help prevent overstimulation. It’s a great position for beginners.


Spooning is a close and intimate sex position that is good for people with low to moderate sex drives because it isn’t as deep as other positions that can easily overwhelm them. Both partners are able to receive stimulation from each other, and it’s great for teasing each other. “The man and woman can synchronize, moving toward and away from each other,” Fleming says.

One of the benefits of spooning is that it gives you access to your partner’s clit and boobs, so you can grab them and rub them against each other for extra stimulation. This is a great way to increase intimacy, release feel-good hormones, and boost sexual drive.

Both partners lie on their sides and push against each other like a spooning cuddle, with you on the outside (in what is called the “big spoon” position) and her in the middle (“little spoon”). To initiate penetration, she’ll lift her top leg and you can enter from behind. You may need to use your fingers to find her vagina and guide yourself in. After that, you can focus on grinding against her rather than long wild thrusts.

Another plus to this position is that you can switch up the angle, so you’re not getting overstimulated, and you can add toys for different types of stimulation. It also gives you the option to stop and start, which is helpful if you’re struggling to reach orgasm.


For a change of pace from spooning, have your partner spread her legs so they’re in a scissored position. This gives her a new angle for orgasm and creates a sexy, intimate touch. However, this position may not be as effective for men because it is harder to deep thrust from the angle of her penis. It can also reduce stimulation of the G-spot, which can lead to premature ejaculation for some men, according to a study by researchers at the University of Kentucky.

To counteract this, Fleming recommends putting a pillow under her to raise the pelvic bone for deeper penetration and increased G-spot stimulation. Another variation on this is a wheelbarrow position, which has her lying on her back with her legs straddled and wrapped around her penetrating partner’s legs. This sex position is similar to doggy style, but it’s more vigorous and requires her to move her crotch back and forth for extra friction and pressure.

This sex position can help her stay in an orgasm for longer because it increases the amount of clitoral stimulation she experiences, Fleming says. It can also help her avoid the painful early ejaculation that can make orgasms less satisfying. In addition, this position can be a good way to increase the speed of penetration for women who want to go quicker but still need more clitoral stimulation.

Riding the Bull

If you’re the partner who experiences frequent premature ejaculation, it can be a real buzzkill in the bedroom. The good news is that there are both home and clinical remedies to help you last longer. And one of them is trying new sexual positions.

One of the most popular sex positions to help you last longer is spooning, which puts the partner who’s penetrating in a position that prevents them from thrusting quickly and easily, explains Fleming. This gives her more control over the depth of penetration and the intensity of the stimulation, which helps prevent her from reaching orgasm too early.

Another great option is the cowgirl, which puts the woman on top and allows her to straddle and ride the man’s penis or toy. This sex position is great for deep grinding and clitoral stimulation, which can really push the envelope for both partners.

Finally, the sideways 69 is a great option for women who’d like to take the lead in the sex game. To do it, the penetrating partner sits in a crossed leg position while the other sits on top and wraps their legs around them, says Chavez. This sex position allows both partners to move and grind against each other, adds Fleming, which can also create a feeling of intimacy and closeness.

Doggy Style

A new sex position may be all it takes to get a man to orgasm sooner, especially for men who have a tendency to ejaculate prematurely. The doggy position creates the most friction against the man’s penis, which can speed up ejaculation, Kerner says. It’s also a good position for those with erection problems as it allows them to ride out their erection and continue to press against the woman’s clitoris.

The position is simple to execute: have your partner lie on her back with her legs pressed against each other like two spoons, then have her lift her top leg so you can insert into the vagina. Once you’ve done initial penetration, start grinding against her as you move the sex tube up and down and around. You can also use a sex toy on her clitoris, nipples, or vagina to spice things up.

While sex positions are a great way to spice up your bedroom experience, it’s important to remember that sex is about more than just the position—it’s about how hard you push and how long you hold on. So be sure to mix it up and give your body a break by adjusting your position from time to time. Just be careful about the duration of penetrative sex—some studies have found that doing it too long can lead to a severe penile injury.

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