Sex Positions to Conceive a Girl Baby

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There are many tips and tricks that claim to help you conceive a girl baby, but they’re all basically Old Wives’ Tales. Nevertheless, they can be fun to try.

The Shettles method suggests that sexual positions where penetration isn’t deep will increase your odds of conceiving a girl, because sperm with the X chromosome have to survive the acidic vaginal environment longer. Another recommended position is doggy style, in which the man enters from behind.


This sex position allows the woman to control the depth of penetration and supposedly increases chances of conceiving a girl baby. It is also considered a safer position because it protects the cervix. It is also a popular sex position because it can be more pleasurable for couples. The idea behind this position is that deeper penetration allows the sperm to reach closer to the egg – This quote was constructed by the portal’s experts It is believed that sperm cells carrying the X chromosome are more likely to survive this short journey and fertilize the egg. Male sperm, on the other hand, have a much harder time making it through this process and would be more likely to die off along the way.

The missionary position, spooning, and straddling are all positions that allow for deep penetration. These positions are recommended for couples who want to conceive a girl baby. However, there is no proof that sex positions help determine gender, and research has shown that women can conceive in any position.

It has been suggested that sex in certain positions will make it easier to conceive a baby girl, because female orgasm creates an alkaline environment. This is thought to prevent the Y sperm from reaching the egg, and it may also reduce ovulation and increase the odds of conception. In addition, consuming foods that are rich in nutrients such as wheatgrass, alfalfa grass, barley grass, figs, cherries, spelled bread, and avocado can help.

Lying on your back

The idea that the position in which you get it on with your partner will affect whether you have a boy or a girl has fascinated us since humans began to climb down out of trees and start banging rocks together. There’s been a wide range of sex positions that have been promoted to conceive a certain gender, from the “girl on top” straddling technique to using special devices that separate sperm according to sex. One of the more recent sex positioning techniques purported to help couples conceive a baby girl is called the Shettles method. The Shettles method is supposed to increase chances of conceiving a girl by having sex earlier in the menstrual cycle and abstaining during the days before and after ovulation. It also recommends a number of sexual positions, including the missionary position and the rear-entry position.

The Shettles method claims to have a 75% success rate for women hoping to conceive a daughter. Its main idea is that X-chromosome sperm that produce girls swim much slower than Y-chromosome sperm that produce boys, so positioning your body to slow down penetration will make it easier for the female sperm to reach the egg.

The missionary position is recommended by Shettles because it allows for shallow penetration and makes it easy for sperm to deposit near the cervix. But Popsugar notes that if you’re going to use this position, be sure not to wrap your legs around your partner’s shoulders — doing so invites deeper penetration and will make it harder for the sperm to reach the cervix.

Lying on your side

There is no scientific proof that certain sex positions will increase your chances of having a girl baby. However, there is no harm in trying different positions to see what works for you. You can also try other things that can help you conceive, such as making sure you and your partner are in good health, getting enough folic acid, and eliminating alcohol from your diet.

One position that is thought to increase the odds of having a girl is called missionary. In this position, the man is on top of the woman and he enters her from her back. This gives shallow penetration that may make it easier for the sperm to reach her egg. This position also encourages gravity to help the sperm along.

Another possible sex position is the “anvil” position, which involves the woman lying on her stomach and the man straddling her from behind. This position also allows for shallow penetration and stimulates the G-spot. This can trigger an orgasm in the woman, which may help her conceive.

There are also a number of sex positions that involve spooning. These positions are not as deep as other sex positions, but they can still help to conceive a girl baby. The reason is that spooning can keep speedy sperm from reaching the egg first, which may give female sperm an edge.

Lying on your stomach

Many couples who are trying to conceive want to try various positions to increase their chances of getting pregnant. One popular position is the missionary position, where the man is on top of the woman and enters her through her vaginal opening. This positioning is said to improve sperm’s odds of swimming upward toward the egg. Another common Kama Sutra position is the doggie style, where the man enters a woman by straddling her from behind. It is also said to improve sperm’s odds by giving them an easier path up the cervix.

However, there is no scientific evidence that these sex positions help with conception. Moreover, it is not necessary to reach orgasm in order to get pregnant. It is important to stay relaxed and enjoy sex as much as possible.

While there is no evidence that sex positions have any impact on conceiving, they can still provide pleasure and satisfaction for both partners. Having regular sex can also help, but it is crucial to avoid any health risks and consult a doctor before starting a family.

It is also a good idea to eat well, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep. Stress is a major cause of infertility and can negatively impact fertility. In addition, it is important to practice deep breathing exercises and yoga to reduce your stress levels.

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