Sex Positions For Her Pleasure

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Women’s erogenous zones require different stimulation than men’s, and there are many positions and add-ons that can help. These sex positions for her pleasure will give you the confidence to explore new territory in the bedroom.

This position is a variation of the traditional cowgirl position and can be used to achieve deep penetration. It also allows the woman to move up and down at a pace that suits her.

1. Missionary

Unlike other positions, missionary gives partners face-to-face contact. This makes it an ideal position for kissing and talking to each other during intercourse. It also allows the person on top to explore her nipples and vagina. The bottom partner can play with their hands as well, gripping on the bed or one another, which is erotic in and of itself.

As a bonus, this is an easy position for beginners to learn. You can even place a pillow or sex wedge beneath the bottom partner’s hips to change the angle of penetration, giving you and your partner a whole new sensation.

If you want to take it up a notch, try rubbing hands all over your lover’s body during missionary. Scratch his back and chest lightly at first, then as arousal builds rub harder. This is one of the best sex positions to use a cock ring or mini vibrator in to intensify pleasure. And, if you both have the flexibility, try crossing your legs or bending them during missionary. This will create a whole new sense of anticipation and intrigue as you wait to see how the bottom will respond.

2. Doggy Style

Doggy style is a hot, rear entry position that’s good for vaginal and anal sex. It’s also perfect for couples who want to explore the power dynamic of giving and receiving control. Unlike the missionary position, doggy style leaves your hands free. Your penetrating partner can use their hands to lick, tease, and stroke the erogenous zone or insert a sex toy.

Doggy is a great position for deep penetration, which some women find especially pleasurable because it stimulates the tip of her cervix, called the A-spot. For added pleasure, you can add lubrication and a vibrator.

It’s important to communicate with your partner when trying new positions, even if they seem familiar. Use verbal cues like moans and groans to convey what feels good, and ask for feedback from your partner. This will ensure that you’re both enjoying the experience and not pushing too hard. This is especially important since doggy has been linked to penis injury in some small studies, mostly due to too much thrusting with not enough lubrication. As always, make sure to wear a condom and have a designated safe word or signal.

3. Wheelbarrow

Achieving the Wheelbarrow position may require some practice and physical fitness for both partners. It can be a risky position for those with a lower level of mobility, but with proper preparation and communication, this sex position can be an exciting addition to a sexual experience.

For women, the Wheelbarrow position can be used to leverage rear penetration with a dildo or wand. It can also be used as a deep anal position. Its not the easiest sex position to learn, so save this one for a partner you know you can trust.

Unlike other positions that focus on oral sex, the Wheelbarrow can help to stimulate the vaginal area. It also helps to promote sperm movement toward the egg, which is essential for conceiving a baby. As a bonus, the Wheelbarrow position offers the unique ability to provide both sex and intimacy simultaneously. Its also a great position to explore if you and your partner are interested in adding climax to the experience. When surveyed, women voted for the 69 standing up, kneeling wheelbarrow, and tabletop positions as positions they want to try next.

4. Missionary with Legs Up

This is a variation of the Missionary position where the bottom sits with their legs over the top partner’s shoulders. This allows them to reach deeper into the penis, bringing more orgasms for both partners. The bottom’s clitoris is also easily accessible for stimulation by the top during penetration.

Putting her legs in this position also shifts the angle of penetration for some people, Queen says. This can be a great idea for those who love the classic missionary but want something new.

Some tips to spice up the missionary with legs up include adding vibrators to heighten pleasure and incorporating sexual toys, such as a butt plug, to stimulate both her anus and clitoris. Another way to spice up sex with her in this position is to get rough and make it more intense. This might include “extra-strong thrusting, hair-pulling, and biting,” Queen says. It’s important to use the best lube for this position and for all sex positions. And don’t forget the foreplay! It’s key to a hot sex life.

5. Spooning

The spooning position is a classic that can give both partners great pleasure. In this position, a man sits on the edge of bed or in a comfortable seated position while his partner climbs up onto his lap and straddles them with her legs wrapped around behind. This gives the woman control over the pace of penetration as well as enables her to self-stimulate while penetrating, which can boost orgasm.

The fact that the partner on top is able to direct their pressure to where it feels best can make this a great position for women who want to explore other areas of the body beyond the clitoris. For example, if she wants to explore the erogenous zones in her neck, she can do so by adjusting her head and shoulders to different positions, suggests mindbodygreen.

Done correctly, this position can be downright transcendent. It can also release oxytocin, the so-called love hormone, which promotes bonding and increases intimacy between two people. And for those who may not be able to achieve this position lying down, it’s easy to do in standing position by simply supporting yourself against a wall or panel.

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