Sex Positions For First Timers

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Foreplay, oral sex and manual stimulation can help increase lubrication and make the experience less painful for first-timers. The Cowgirl position (in reverse or forward) is a good option for women who are afraid of pain during penetration and allows them to control the speed and depth of their partner’s penetration.


Cowgirl is a fun sex position that can feel good for everyone, especially first-timers. It’s an empowering position that allows the person on top to be in control. Plus, it’s a great way to get some clitoral stimulation and can lead to painless orgasm. It’s also a great position for height differences, as it can be adapted for varying levels of penetration.

For example, if you want to increase the pressure of your thrusts, you can widen your knees and bring them closer together. You can also slow down or speed up your movements to change the intensity of the experience. You can even add a sex toy, like a bullet vibrator, to spice things up.

The penetrating partner can also make the experience a lot more intimate by having close eye contact with their partner and kissing them. They can also try a little anal fingering or oral sex. It’s important to remember that everyone has different preferences when it comes to sex positions, kinks, and toys, so it’s always best to check in with your partner throughout the session and change things up as needed.

For the receiver, smearing your genitals with some lube beforehand will increase pleasure. They can swivel their hips and move up and down to stimulate the wall of their vagina, or they can gently grind against it to soothe their clitoris. If they want to make it extra kinky, they can even use a sex pillow or wedge to give them more leverage and better alignment of their genitals for comfortable penetration.


While the Missionary position is often seen as the tamest of all the sex positions, it has a lot to offer first timers. It allows the woman to feel intimate and connected while giving the man a good starting point for penetration. This position also enables couples to get to know each other and provides an opportunity for a lot of kissing.

To get started, the woman lies on her back with her legs spread out. The man then rests his weight on his elbows, which he can place either side of the body. This allows him to enter the mouth easily and then explore the lips, chin, neck and shoulders of the girl before getting down to business with the clitoris. The girl may want to use her hands or tongue to stimulate her clitoris too. It’s important to remember that if it doesn’t feel right to go all the way with penetration, don’t push it. The man on top should keep checking in with the girl and asking if she wants to slow things down or if it’s time to take her to the next level.

The Closed Missionary position is another variation on the traditional missionary and offers even more intimacy. It’s similar to the reverse scoop sex position and the person on top can explore their partner from the front or from the back, allowing them to control the pace.


For a very close, intimate sex position that allows you to touch the most important erogenous zones in both partners, try spooning. One partner, the big spoon, lies on their back with their legs bent at a right angle and the other person, the little spoon, fits into their leg space. The big spoon can move around to stimulate the little spoon and to enter from behind if they are ready for it. The little spoon can also raise their legs for more leverage and a different type of stimulation or can keep them flat to encourage penetration and more G-spot or P-spot stimulation.

While this sex position is great for intimacy, it can be difficult to maintain during thrusting. For that reason, it’s often used as an end-of-sex position. If you want to explore the pleasures of this sex position, try adding some friction by wriggling your legs. You can also rock them a bit or move them up and down to increase the intensity.

Spooning can be a great sex position for first timers as it’s not very complicated, but still feels intimate and exciting. The best way to figure out which sex positions work for you is to experiment and find what feels comfortable. Avoid trying to follow instructions or replicating a photo or video exactly; instead, go at your own pace and discover what works for you and your partner.

Naked Kissing

Naked Kissing is a very romantic sex position that has been featured in so many romantic movie sex scenes. It involves lying side by side with your legs and arms wrapped around each other for kisses and intimate touches. This is the kind of sex that can be very sexually satisfying and a great way to explore your partner’s body. This is also a good position to use with vibrators and toys to add extra stimulation.

Naked kissing can be difficult if the woman is uncomfortable with her hips close to your body or if she doesn’t have the upper leg strength to keep this position up. Putting pillows under her hips and knees can help to make it easier for her. Alternatively, she can put her feet outside of your thighs instead of her knees to allow her to sit back on them and get more support.

Another variation on the Naked Kissing is to have her lie chest to chest with you, much like the inverted missionary position. This allows her to envelop your penis deeply and grind her clit against your shaft without the need for forcible thrusting.

Trying out different sex positions is a great way to spice things up in bed, even for first timers. But it’s important to go from easy to more complicated positions slowly. This will prevent you from getting overwhelmed and losing control of the session, especially if it’s your first time.

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