Sex Positions For Fat People

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Having a bigger body can make some sex positions more challenging. That’s why it’s important to know what sex positions work well for fat people.

One of the best sex positions for fat people is a variation on the traditional missionary position. It elevates the receiver’s hips so their tummy flesh falls back, making it easier for penetrators to enter – This resource is provided by the service’s editorial team


There a few sex positions that tend to work better for fat people and make for a more satisfying experience. For instance, a traditional missionary position can be improved upon by adding a pillow under the plus-size receiver’s hips to allow for deeper penetration. It also enables the receiver to experience pleasurable sensations in their tummy and may help them feel more connected to their partner.

Another great position is the reverse cowgirl. This is a variation of the woman-on-top position and works well for larger couples because it allows the female to control the pace of penetration and ensures that she can reach her partner’s erection without interfering with her large belly.

This position can be done either with the giver and receiver both on their backs or with the giver standing and the receiver lying down. The latter is particularly ideal for fat people because it provides easy entry without having to straddle the giver’s legs. Experimenting with different sexual positions can be a lot of fun and is essential for finding a routine that is most satisfying for both partners. Remember that fat sex is just like any other sex and shouldn’t be feared or avoided. Just make sure to communicate openly with your partner and try different positions until you find the one that is right for both of you.

Sideways Crunched Turtle

The Sideways Crunched Turtle is a great sex position for fat women. It’s very similar to the spooning position, but it may be more optimal for especially curvy people who might have trouble with penetration in that position. This sex position also offers the possibility of more intense g-spot stimulation and is very effective for couples who want to explore their clitoral canals.

To perform this sex position, the receiver kneels on the bed or floor and curls into herself as tightly as possible (think Child’s Pose in yoga). She can leave her arms hanging off to the side for stability, or she can wrap her legs around her partner’s ankles for support and leverage. Her penetrating partner then kneels behind her and enters her from the back, a very powerful and intimate entry that works well for almost any penis size.

The Sideways Crunched Turtle is arguably one of the best sex positions for fat women because it provides such powerful and intense g-spot stimulation, which can be difficult for some women in more traditional sex poses. However, it’s important to remember that sex is more than just penetrative sex—manual stimulation and oral sex are very effective as well, and all couples need to find a balance that works for them. As such, it’s a good idea to experiment with different positions until you and your partner find the ones that work best for you.

Side Approach

Some people have the misconception that fat bodies can’t enjoy certain sexual positions, but that’s just plain false. There are many ways that people with larger bodies can optimize these positions to make them more pleasurable, and they often just involve using a few extra pillows or props.

For example, a few switch-ups to the traditional missionary position can make it more accessible for plus size couples. In this position, the receiver (the person receiving penetration) lays on their back and the giver (the person penetrating them) either lays on top of them or kneels in front and enters. Placing a pillow or two under the receiver’s hips can help to elevate their tummy flesh and make it easier for the giver to get in.

Another great position for fat people is the spooning position. This is similar to rear-entry sex, but it requires less back and shoulder strain and can be customized to fit the needs of each couple.

Ultimately, it’s important for plus size partners to find what positions work best for them, but these suggestions can help them start the conversation about what feels good and what doesn’t. As with all things, what works for one partner may not work for another, so it’s vital to keep experimenting and finding what feels right. Just be sure to always talk through any changes that might happen in order to stay safe and avoid potential problems.

Doggy Style

When it comes to sex, many couples struggle with finding positions that work for both partners. This is especially true for people who are overweight, as certain positions can put a strain on the back and joints. However, plus-size couples can still have fun in the bedroom with the right knowledge and preparation. In addition to discussing consent, protection, and birth control, learning about sex positions for fat people can help couples feel empowered during lovemaking.

The traditional missionary position is one of the most versatile sex positions for fat people, and it can be very satisfying. The receiver lays on their stomach, and the giver kneels behind them to enter. The giver can also use a pillow to elevate the receiver’s hips, making it easier for them to enter the vagina.

Another classic sex position is the doggie style, which involves the receiver lying on their side and the giver kneeling behind them to enter. Some plus-size people find this position less comfortable, but with some practice and a little creativity, it can be very sexy.

Another way to increase the sexy factor of any position is to add props, like pillows or rolled-up towels. These can help with balance, relieve pressure on the joints, and give an extra boost of arousal. They are also available in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can find what works best for your body type and needs.

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