Sex Positions For Big Girls

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If you are plus size, it can sometimes feel like certain sex positions won’t work. However, there are many great sex positions for big girls that can deliver intense orgasms.

Doggy style, for example, gives your partner a great view of your butt and can lead to deeper penetration than regular girl on top positions. Another great option is the missionary position.

1. Doggy style

Doggy style is a great position for people who want to try anal sex, or who have problems with the traditional missionary position. It’s also an excellent choice for a sexy alternative to the cowgirl position. It can be done with both partners on the bed, or with the penetrating partner standing up to allow for more leg and back support. Using knee pads makes it even more comfortable.

If you and your partner are having trouble getting used to doggy style, try some foreplay first. Kissing, gentle stroking of the chest or hair, and eye contact can build up some excitement before trying the position.

If you are a woman who finds doggy-style painful, play around with the angle of the hips to find what works for you. You can also use a larger wand vibrator to help stimulate the clitoris and add pleasure to this position. Unlike other positions that require both participants to be plastered against each other, doggy-style allows for deep penetration, so it’s good to add an extra level of stimulation.

2. Kneeling position

Like doggy style, this sex position is great for plus size women because it draws attention to the ass and is an excellent way to get clitoral and nipple stimulation. This is also a good option for those who have trouble with the rear entry* of doggy style and want something similar.

For this position, the receiver lies on her back and raises her top leg into the air. Her partner then kneels between her legs and enters her. This is a comfortable position for both partners and allows her to relax and enjoy the sensations of penetration.

This sex position is perfect for plus-size girls because it keeps the giving partner’s hands free while allowing them to focus on the pleasure of penetration. Using pillows can help elevate the receiver’s hips so that the giver can have easy access to the g-spot and p-spot.

3. Missionary position

Missionary is a classic sex position that has many variations. It’s typically associated with straight couples, but can be used for a variety of sexual experiences.

During missionary, the bottom partner wraps their legs around their partner’s waist to allow for deeper penetration. This position also allows the top partner to caress the bottom partner’s feet and thighs for an added level of pleasure.

It’s not uncommon for plus-size women to think that missionary is off limits because of their size, but that’s not true. All it takes is a few tweaks to make this position more accessible for plus-size partners.

To start, elevate the plus-size receiver’s hips with a pillow or two to let tummy flesh fall back for easier access to the genitals. It’s easy to add more pillows as needed to create varying sensations and angles for penetration. You and your partner can then kiss, touch and maintain eye contact during sex to strengthen the connection. This is a great position to use when you’re feeling relaxed and want to focus on pleasure.

4. Seated position

Seated position is one of the most comfortable plus size sex positions for women. It allows deeper penetration without interference from a larger abdomen. It is also easier to reach the clitoral area in this position. You can use pillows or furniture for support in this position.

Another great plus size sex position for girls is the cowgirl position. In this position, the receiver straddles her giver who is laying on their back. The giver can easily penetrate the g-spot and p-spot in this position. This position is also ideal for a rear entry*.

When it comes to sex, many people fear being judged or dislike their body. It is important for people of all sizes to understand that sex is enjoyable and can provide pleasure regardless of your shape or weight. It is also important for people of all sizes to try different sex positions in order to find out what they enjoy. These sex positions for plus size couples can help them to explore new ways of having sex and increase their pleasure.

5. Cowgirl position

The cowgirl position is one of the best sex positions for big girls to explore their pleasure. It’s an empowering position for the person on top, as they can control the speed and angle of penetration to reach orgasm. It also offers direct clitoral stimulation for vulvas.

To perform the cowgirl position, the person on top should straddle their partner and have their legs bent slightly to open up an opening for them to insert their penis into their vagina. They can then begin stimulation by rubbing the area, rocking and grinding, or using a bullet or wand vibrator. The person on top can also bend their body in a variety of ways and move up, down, and all around to tease the clitoris as they want.

To make the cowgirl position even more sexy, people on top can use toys like couple’s vibrators and cock rings to add an extra dimension of pleasure for both parties. A pillow under the penetrative partner’s hips can elevate the genitals and make it easier to access for penetration.

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