Sex After Hysterectomy – How Long to Wait?

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Most women find that their sex life remains the same or even improves after a hysterectomy. The key is to follow your doctor’s advice and use lubricants to avoid irritation of healing wounds.

However, it is recommended to wait until your vaginal discharge has stopped and any surgery-related bleeding has healed before having sexual activity. This is to reduce your risk of infection and discomfort.

How Long After Surgery Can I Have Sex?

Women can begin sexual activity again six weeks after a total or supracervical hysterectomy, assuming they are healed from the surgery. However, they shouldn’t put anything in their vagina (except tampons if they are bleeding) for up to eight weeks after surgery. This gives the inner and outer wounds time to heal. If they have sex too soon, they may experience surgical complications, pain or discomfort, or bleeding after sex.

Women who undergo a hysterectomy have many questions about how this will affect their sexual experiences. Some women find that their libido improves after a hysterectomy, while others experience a decrease in sexual drive. The change in sex feelings is usually temporary and can be improved by focusing on orgasms other than penetration, such as oral sex and clitoral stimulation.

Women who have a total hysterectomy have the entire uterus and cervix removed, which could affect their sexual pleasure. During sex, the cervix contracts to create a sensation that is often experienced as orgasm. In addition, some women feel that their orgasms are not as satisfying after a hysterectomy because they no longer feel the uterus contract during climax. Those who have a partial hysterectomy and keep their ovaries should not notice this effect. The ovaries produce hormones that stimulate sexual pleasure and can increase a woman’s sex drive.

How Long After Surgery Can I Have Penetrating Sex?

If you had a total hysterectomy, which means your surgeon removed the uterus and cervix, you’ll likely be able to have penetrating sexual activity about six weeks after surgery. This is when the scars will be fully healed and any surgical discharge will have stopped. However, every patient heals at a different rate, so you should consult your doctor before having any sexual activities.

The decision of when you can have penetrative sexual activity will also depend on your reasons for having a hysterectomy and how the procedure affects your libido. For some women, the hysterectomy boosts their libido, as they no longer experience painful intercourse due to fibroids or polyps. However, others find that a hysterectomy decreases their libido, possibly because they’re no longer able to become pregnant or have children. This can be particularly distressing for young women who haven’t started their families yet.

If you and your partner are concerned about pain, remember to use plenty of lubrication during sexual activity. Also, if you’re experiencing any pain, it may be a sign that your wounds are still healing or that you’re not ready for sexual activity. If pain persists, speak to your doctor. They can help you with your concerns and recommend the right kind of sex for you. For example, it’s a good idea to avoid bouncing or teasing, as these positions can cause you more pain and injury.

How Long After Surgery Can I Have Non-Penetrating Sex?

Women may experience pain during sex after a hysterectomy, especially if they have had a full hysterectomy with removal of the cervix. It’s important to follow your doctor’s recommendations for non-penetrating sexual activity until the incisions have healed and the vaginal discharge has stopped. This typically takes about six weeks. Using lubrication can help reduce the friction that can cause pain during sexual activity.

Some women who have a hysterectomy say their orgasms feel different from before the surgery. This is likely because the uterus was involved in the production of orgasms, but orgasms can still happen without the uterus. It’s also important to talk openly with your partner about sex after a hysterectomy. Many women say they initially lose their libido after a hysterectomy but that it returns once they’re fully healed from the procedure.

It’s generally recommended that you wait to have penetrative sex until after your incisions have healed and the vaginal bleeding has stopped, which usually takes about four to six weeks. But it can be done sooner if you and your doctor agree that you’re ready. If you’re having trouble getting into a sex position that feels comfortable, try changing positions or using a lubricant to make things more enjoyable. Adding a little foreplay can also make sexual activity after a hysterectomy more pleasant.

How Long After Surgery Can I Have Penetrative Sex?

Depending on the type of surgery, doctors typically recommend abstaining from penetrative sexual activity for six weeks after your operation. This gives the inner and outer wounds time to heal before you can safely begin sex. During this time, you can have non-penetrating sexual activity, such as licking and fingering or using sex toys. You can also practice Kegel muscle drills to strengthen your pelvic floor and help prevent urinary incontinence in the future.

Women who have a hysterectomy often report that their enjoyment of sex remains the same or improves. However, some women do experience a reduced desire for sexual activity or experiences that are less satisfying. These feelings are usually temporary and can be improved with time and a change in perspective. If you are experiencing these symptoms, it may be helpful to talk with a psychosexual therapist or gynecologist.

If you are having pain during sexual activity after a hysterectomy, it is likely because your wounds have not healed sufficiently or that your ovaries were removed during the surgery and have caused hormonal changes that affect your sexual drive. Taking your time to heal and seeking the appropriate medical attention if needed will help you find healthy ways of reaching orgasm that do not include penetration. You can use personal lubricants and try female arousal gels to address vaginal dryness, or explore new positions and methods of stimulation to rekindle your desire for sex.

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