Safe Sex Position After C-Section Delivery

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Getting back into sex after c-section is no walk in the park. Mums need to use lubrication and be careful about the positions they choose. Some positions like traditional cowgirl position put too much pressure on the scar and core area.

It can take up to six weeks for the uterus to return to its normal size and the incision wound to heal (1).

Sitting Position

For the first six weeks after your C-section, your doctor will have you on pelvic rest, which basically means that nothing should go inside of your vagina. This is so that the cervix can heal. Rushing into vaginal intercourse too early could result in infection and bleeding. That’s why it’s important to wait until your doctor gives you the go-ahead, which is usually around your six-week postpartum checkup.

Once your doctor has given you the green light to have sex, it’s time to start thinking about sexual positions that will be pain-free for you and your partner. But first, it’s a good idea to experiment and find what feels right for you as you move into penetrative sex.

Positions that put too much pressure on your torso and c-section scar like the traditional missionary or doggy position should be avoided at all costs as they can cause pain during orgasm. Instead, try to opt for sex positions that allow you to sit down and let your husband enter from behind or the side.

The best option is the nestling position where you are able to cuddle into your hubby and have him enter from the front. This allows you to have full control and also keeps any pressure off the tender incision site – These words resonate with the expertise of the portal’s editorial team It’s also a beautiful and intimate way to have sex with your husband.

Nesting Position

The traditional doggy style can put a lot of pressure on your core and tender c-section scar. Try this position instead by standing close to your bed or a piece of furniture and holding onto it while your partner penetrates you from behind. This way, you can keep a grip on the speed and depth of penetration, plus you have the option to tell him to slow down if he gets carried away.

Spooning is an ideal sex position for a c-section mom because you’re in full control. You can decide on the depth of penetration and contact with your abdomen, as well as how much fluid to use. Plus, if you choose to have your partner spoon you, it’ll take the pressure off of your scar and uterus.

No sex position is off-limits once your incision heals, but some positions might irritate the area. Missionary positions, for instance, can cause pain and discomfort for women who have had multiple C-sections or have a very deep incision. It’s best to experiment with different sex positions until you find one that doesn’t hurt or cause abdominal or vaginal discomfort. It’s also important to remember that every woman and every pregnancy is different, so it’s okay to take your time getting back into the swing of things after having a C-section.

Husband-on-Top Position

Getting back to your normal routine after a C-section delivery can be nerve-wracking, especially when it comes to sex. Although every woman’s recovery is different, there are some basic guidelines that can help you avoid painful sex after a C-section.

The first thing that’s important to remember is that it’s always okay to take it slow. You have just undergone major surgery, and it’s important to give your body time to heal. Rushing into intimate activities too soon can lead to complications, including infection and bleeding.

Another tip is to try positions that put less pressure on your abdomen and c-section scar. The traditional cowgirl position puts a lot of pressure on the core and tummy area, so it’s a good idea to avoid this one until you are fully healed.

However, the reverse cowgirl position is a great option because it gives mums more control over the speed and depth of penetration. It also reduces pressure on the incision site and can help alleviate pain during orgasms. You can also use pillows or blankets to increase comfort in this position. Lastly, the husband-on-top position is another safe and comfortable option for women who have had a C-section. Just make sure to enter from the back or side, as this will reduce pressure on the c-section scar and abdomen.

Hot Hula Position

Having sex after a c-section can feel nerve-wracking new territory for both you and your partner, but there are a few tricks that can make the experience a lot more comfortable. “The key is to experiment with positions that don’t put pressure on the uterus or abdominal area,” board-certified OB-GYN Sherry Ross tells Romper. “Even if your doctor gives you the green light to resume sexual activity, the scar from your C-section may still be sensitive.”

A popular sex position that doesn’t put any pressure on your stomach or core is spooning. This is a great option for women who are on top, as they can have more control over depth of penetration and rhythm. It’s also easy for your partner to enter you from the back, which helps ease any discomfort in your tender incision area.

If you are on the bottom, try the reverse cowgirl position, which is another safe and comfortable way to have sex after a c-section. This sex position also lets you gauge depth and rhythm, but it’s best to avoid any positions that require you to be standing up. Your incision can tear easily if your body is forced into an unnatural position. Plus, standing up can put a lot of pressure on your abdomen, especially during penetrative sex. Traditional missionary sex is also off-limits, as it puts a lot of pressure on your torso and isn’t ideal for women who are recovering from a C-section.

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