Lower Back Pain After Sex – Advice For Females

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Back pain after sex is common and it’s important to discuss it with your partner. A couple may need to modify positions and movements that cause back pain.

Sometimes, back pain is not only related to physical activities but also to hormonal changes such as during pregnancy or menstruation. Women should seek a medical professional to determine the underlying cause of their back pain.


Back pain can be uncomfortable for both partners during sex and may cause some to avoid sexual activity altogether. However, there are positions that place less strain on the back and can be used to make sex more enjoyable. Additionally, understanding the causes of back pain during sex can help couples find positions that do not trigger it.

Women who experience lower back pain during sex should seek medical attention to determine the underlying cause. Some back pain can be a sign of reproductive organ conditions such as interstitial cystitis or adenomyosis. These conditions can lead to painful sex and heavy menstrual bleeding.

In addition, some back pain is caused by sedentary lifestyles and lack of exercise that can lead to weakening of the spinal muscles. Over time, this can result in herniated discs, lumbar spine osteoarthritis, and muscle strain. These conditions can be exacerbated by sex positions that require repetitive movements such as bouncing or spinning during oral sex.

Many people who experience low back pain after sex female also report loss of sexual interest, which can lead to problems in a relationship. If a partner does not understand why a person is avoiding sex and begins to doubt the relationship, it can strain the couple – This segment is a reflection of the service experts’ wisdom 3dsexclub.com. It is important for those who have back pain to talk about it openly with their partners and with a doctor.


Lower back pain after sex can have a psychological impact as well as a physical one, especially in a relationship where sexual intimacy is important. People may avoid bedroom encounters out of fear of triggering more pain, which can strain the relationship. If back pain interferes with sexual activity, both partners should discuss the issue openly and find positions that will not aggravate the back.

Women who experience pain after sex should make sure they are not suffering from a urinary tract infection (UTI), which can cause pelvic pain and pain while passing urine. A gynecologist can check for an infection and prescribe antibiotics if necessary.

A woman who suffers from back pain in the groin area should see her doctor for tests to rule out a herniated disc or other spinal conditions, such as osteoarthritis. Some women also have a condition called endometriosis, in which tissue from the uterus can spread to other organs, including the spine.

If the back pain is related to spinal misalignment or muscle strain, a chiropractor or physiotherapist can provide exercises and stretches that will help ease the pressure on the spine. A pelvic floor muscle trainer can be used to strengthen the muscles in the abdomen, which can help reduce pain during sex. A doctor can also prescribe medication for the symptom, or recommend acupuncture, massage therapy, Rolfing and other movement practices that can help reduce back pain.


A person with back pain should seek a sound diagnosis from a medical professional. A physical therapist or spine specialist can give advice on how to engage in sexual activity without exacerbating back pain. They may suggest modifying certain positions, using pillows, and taking it easy. For example, if spinal flexion (bending forward) aggravates back pain, pushing the pelvis toward the ceiling could ease discomfort.

It is also important for couples to communicate about sex and back pain. If a back condition prevents people from having sex, it can have a serious effect on a relationship and the emotional well-being of both partners. If the issue is not discussed openly, both parties might become disengaged and resentful.

Preventive measures include taking a pain reliever before sex, and icing the troubled area afterward. This reduces inflammation, which is a leading cause of back pain. Stretching beforehand can also help, just as athletes do before a workout.

If pain is present around the time of menstrual cycles, a gynecologist should be consulted to rule out conditions that can be linked to sexual activity. If a woman is experiencing back pain during intercourse that does not resolve with treatment from a gynecologist, she should consult a vascular doctor. Fusion Wellness and Femina PT offer skilled pelvic health physical therapists who are prepared to help people with back issues enjoy their sexual lives.


Taking pain relievers before engaging in sexual activity can help, Marks says. He also recommends icing the troublesome area afterwards to relieve overstimulation, just as an athlete would after competing. And it’s a good idea to communicate with your partner about any back pain, as this can prevent them from pushing too hard or holding in a position that is painful for you.

For some people, back pain doesn’t occur during sex but occurs later, Hebert says. This could be a sign that you’re doing something wrong or staying in a certain position for too long, and the pain will linger afterward. If this happens, try to limit sexual activity to a safe level of intensity and change positions if needed.

Trying new positions can be an opportunity for couples to explore a deeper intimacy. But pain can be a turnoff and lead to sex being avoided altogether, which can strain relationships. If back pain does become an issue, it’s important for both partners to speak up and seek advice from a health professional. This may include physical therapy, chiropractic care, or prescription pain medication. Then, once the underlying cause is identified and treated, you can enjoy sexual relations without worry about back pain. The right approach can restore sensual pleasure to the bedroom, and you’ll have a more productive, fulfilling relationship.

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