Exclusive Q&A with Adult VR Star Mia Kay

24-year old VR porn star Mia Kay VR is the reigning queen of virtual erotica. From her humble beginnings in Cincinnati, OH, Mia had no idea that her foray into the adult industry would launch her into smut stardom. Now, she’s known for her curvaceous physique, VR body cumshot poses, and 86K Instagram followers. Here’s an exclusive Q&A with Mia Kay to learn more about her journey in the industry and how she’s changing the landscape of adult entertainment.

What Led You to the Adult Industry?

My journey to the adult industry was the result of a series of random encounters and decisions. During my time at the University of Texas, I met a production manager who connected me with a small-time porn productions. I decided to give it a shot and I never looked back. And of course, my decision to join the adult industry wasn’t particularly popular with my family and traditional Christian background. But it feels right to me and I’m not turning back. 

How Are You Changing VR Erotica?

As one of the few women in the adult VR industry, I’m striving to carve out a space for women-centered films. I know I have a unique body type, and I’m taking this opportunity to make sure that all body types can be celebrated and respected in this industry. I’m also challenging traditional gender roles and female objectification by taking control over the stories I’m telling and the way they’re presented.

What Are Your Thoughts on the Current VR Erotica Landscape?

Overall, I’m optimistic about the future of VR porn Videos. Its impact on the industry is undeniable, and I’m excited to see the possibilities that VR brings when it comes to creating new levels of intimacy with viewers. Plus, the industry is pushing back against unrealistic beauty standards, which is resulting in a more diverse cast of performers. 

How Are You Balancing Life as an Adult Star with Your Other Interests?

It’s tough to balance my life as an adult star with my other interest, like cooking. After all, between shooting and prepping for shoots, I’m putting in several hours each week. But I’m not about to give up on my passion for cooking. Besides using my free time for developing recipes, I’m also taking advantage of my platform to share some with other.

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