Does Sex Make You Hungry?

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While it might not seem like it at first glance, sex actually burns a fair number of calories. That’s why you might feel hungry after a romp in the sheets.

In fact, for a 30-minute session, men burn about 100 extra calories and women about 70. But why is that?

Hormonal Changes

Whether it’s the nacho platter that Danny devours after a night of skin-to-skin passion or George Costanza’s tuna on rye (seriously), hunger after sex is a common occurrence. The gastronomical aftermath of sex may not have anything to do with calories burned, but rather hormonal changes that play a direct role in your appetite.

During sexual intercourse, your body experiences a drastic increase in both testosterone and estrogen, according to Healthline. These hormones not only boost libido and promote sperm production, but also stimulate the stomach’s production of ghrelin, which is what causes you to feel hungry.

A full stomach can interfere with sex because the blood needed for an erection goes to the digestive system, CBS reports. Even though sex on a full stomach is possible, it’s not ideal and will leave you feeling uncomfortable.

Eating high-protein, low-carb foods like yogurt and eggs after sex can help decrease the production of ghrelin. In addition, eating foods that contain phenethylamine, such as chocolate, strawberries and oysters, can help enhance your libido. A simple sandwich made of wheat bread and sliced vegetables is another great option, since it’s easy to digest and contains key nutrients – This section was prepared by the service’s author Mesmerizing Intrigue. Also, drinking a glass of warm milk can help reduce the acidity in your stomach and is high in protein. Alternatively, try having a light snack, such as a piece of fruit, to keep your metabolism functioning properly and curb cravings.

Physical Exertion

When you engage in sexual activity, you use many different muscles throughout the body. This can cause the body to use up its stored energy and feel depleted, leading to hunger. Sex also causes the release of hormones that stimulate appetite, particularly oxytocin. Oxytocin is also known as the “cuddle hormone,” and it can cause you to feel hungrier than normal.

Another reason why you may feel hungry after sex is that you burned a lot of calories during the session. While it’s true that sex does burn calories, it’s not nearly as much as you might think. On average, a 30-minute sex session will burn about 100 extra calories for men and 70 extra calories for women. This is not a lot of extra calories to make you feel hungry, and it’s not really enough to justify a late night snack.

Of course, if you are feeling the post-sex munchies, it’s important to resist the urge to reach for high-calorie junk foods. Instead, opt for healthy options that will give you the energy you need without making you hungry later. It’s also a good idea to drink plenty of water and stay away from alcohol, as it can affect your blood sugar levels and lead to feelings of hunger. The best thing to do is simply eat when you’re hungry, but don’t let yourself get too full.

Endorphin Release

There are certain activities that can trigger a release of endorphins, the brain’s natural pain relievers. These include eating delicious foods, exercising, having sex and watching your favorite movie or TV show. These feelings of pleasure can boost your mood and make you feel contentment, even if you aren’t indulging in an actual guilty pleasure.

In addition to helping you feel happy and content, these hormones can also suppress your appetite. However, as soon as these feelings subside, your hunger will likely kick back in, making you want to eat.

This is partially because of the increased testosterone levels that happen after sexual activity. This hormone is known to stimulate appetite and arousal. In fact, it’s so effective that some people have a hard time not eating after sex due to these high testosterone levels.

Another reason that you might be hungry after sex is because of the calories burned. It is estimated that sex burns between 85 and 300 calories per minute. Depending on the type of sex you have, this can add up quickly! If you are looking for a way to curb this hunger, try drinking a glass of water after you’ve finished your session. This will help you stay hydrated and give your metabolism a little boost. You can also try adding in some post-sex snacks like chia seeds or green tea.

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