Can Sex Shorten Your Period?

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Having sex during your period is totally safe, provided you and your partner have a clear understanding of comfort levels. Oral and non-penetrative sex can still be great, plus there’s all that extra blood acting as a natural lubricant.

During week two of your menstrual cycle, hormones boost libido and increase sexual desire. Orgasms may also help ease cramps and potentially shorten your period as climaxing stimulates uterine contractions.

1. Orgasms

The first thing many people think of when they hear the word orgasm is sexual arousal. But sex isn’t the only way to experience an orgasm. People can orgasm through other means, such as self-pleasure, physical exercise, and certain sexual positions like the missionary position. People of all ages, genders, and sexual orientations can orgasm, and it’s okay for everyone to explore this part of themselves however they want.

Orgasms can feel different for every person, and they can last anywhere from 10-60 seconds. Some orgasms are explosive, and others are more subtle. Some orgasms are so intense that they cause the uterus to contract, helping the uterus shed its lining. The contractions from orgasm can also relieve menstrual cramps, as the rush of endorphins helps to numb the pain caused by the uterus muscles contracting.

In addition to sexual stimulation, there are other ways that women can orgasm, such as through masturbation. In fact, masturbation can help women have shorter periods as it can make the uterine lining shed faster. Just be sure to use protection if you’re using a tampon as period blood is full of bacteria and can easily cause an STD.

2. Blood as a natural lubricant

Having sex on your period is perfectly safe for both partners, as the menstrual blood does not contain any dangerous substances. The only downside to period sex is that it can be smelly, and there’s a chance of some blood on the penis (especially if you are having oral sex).

In fact, the lubrication provided by your own natural flow can actually increase the sensation of orgasm. Orgasms also help relieve cramping and lighten the menstrual flow.

But it’s important to remember that if you’re unprotected, pregnancy is still possible. This is because sperm can survive in the reproductive tract for up to five days, and you may get pregnant from early ovulation (which can happen as early as four days after unprotected sex).

But if you use a reliable birth control method, the chances of getting pregnant are much lower. Using a lubricant, such as silicone-based one, can also reduce the risk of pregnancy. And if you’re not sure when you’re ovulating, there are apps that can help you track your cycle and predict your fertile window.

3. Endorphins

Often associated with the feeling of euphoria that runners experience after a long run (known as the “runner’s high”), endorphins are chemicals that protect your body from pain by binding to select opioid receptors in the brain. They’re also responsible for feelings of happiness and euphoria. The good news is that your body makes these helpful substances naturally.

They’re released during pleasurable activities like exercise, having sex and even eating. These hormones are created by your pituitary gland and the hypothalamus, both located in the brain. They act as neurotransmitters and attach to the opiate receptors in your brain to increase pleasure and decrease pain.

You can boost your endorphin levels by participating in physical activities that get your heart racing, such as intense exercise or dancing. Even listening to music can stimulate the release of these helpful hormones, as can spending time with friends or family. Laughing at a funny movie or TV show can also help your body produce these mood-enhancing chemicals, as well as reduce anxiety. A 2018 study found that moderate-intensity resistance training three times per week can improve depressive symptoms.

4. Mood swings

You probably know that your libido fluctuates during your menstrual cycle. On day one of your period, hormones that stimulate sex drive dip, and on day three they start to rise again. But what you may not know is that sex can actually increase your libido for the rest of your period.

During orgasms, your uterus contracts and speeds up the shedding of the lining that causes your period. While there isn’t any scientific data that proves this, anecdotally women say that climaxing on their period shortens the duration of their periods.

The endorphins released during orgasms also reduce pain from cramps and headaches, making sex on your period even more satisfying. Plus, the natural lubrication from your blood can make intercourse a breeze, without having to use extra lube.

However, if you have a heavy flow or are worried about making a mess, it’s important to practice safe sex with your partner and use a condom or barrier method of protection. Certain STIs, like HIV and hepatitis, are transmitted through unprotected vaginal contact.

5. Pain relief

In some cases, orgasms can relieve cramps. That’s because the release of hormones like oxytocin, dopamine and endorphins acts as natural painkillers. Plus, climaxing can cause your uterus to contract and loosen the lining that makes up most of your period. This helps speed up the shedding process, which may shorten your period.

While some people are turned off by the idea of having sex while on their periods because of the blood, it’s important to remember that menstrual blood is not dirty or dangerous. It’s the same blood that your body produces to help with lubrication.

So if you’re comfortable with it, having sex while on your period can be pleasurable, bring you closer to your partner and possibly shorten your period. However, using protection is still essential to avoid STIs and pregnancy. Plus, make sure to have a lot of lube on hand – the menstrual blood can dry up quickly. If you’re worried about making a mess, try having sex in the shower or spreading a dark towel on the bed to avoid staining sheets.

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